Student’s Council

The Student’s Council provides a forum for students to voice their opinions and make recommendations in connection with the running of the school. It seeks to provide a line of communication between students, management, staff and parents, representing the views of the student body on matters of concern to them. Our aim is to create a caring school environment, which is supportive and inclusive.


In Duiske College, our Student Council is made up of elected representatives from every year group. Those students elected as members of the Student Council get an opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, as well as responsibility and accountability. Our Student Council is a valuable resource to management, teachers and other students in our school.


Student Centred Education


 Duiske College places the student at the centre of the school enterprise. Students are valued, included, informed, asked, listened to and heard. Respect for the dignity of each person is at the core of education at Duiske College.


Leadership opportunities are provided for students through:


– Students Council

– Mentoring and Induction of First Year Students

– Work Experience

– School Magazine/News Bulletin

– Formulation of School Policies

– Green Schools

– Competitions, Plays, Christmas Variety Show, Event Organisation

Extra Curricular Activities