Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme


The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme is a senior cycle programme designed to give a strong vocational dimension to the Leaving Certificate. The objective of LCVP is to prepare students for adult life by ensuring they are educated in the broadest sense possible. It helps them to cope in a working environment of rapid change; work experience takes place in the first year of the two-year cycle.


The programme gears students towards self directed learning, they are expected to work out problems for themselves and more responsibility is placed on them.


LCVP is divided into two link modules, which are best explored through activity-based learning. The link modules are designed to make connections between the school and the community, future study and careers, enterprise and setting up a business.


A large part of this course involves working on a portfolio over the two years including items like a CV, diary of work experience, career investigation. The written exam is completed in early May of Sixth Year.


LCVP can gain up to 66 points for students in the Leaving Certificate and is a positive addition to their curriculum vitae.