Discipline and Attendance





Because ours is a caring school community, positive affirmation and a reliance on self discipline and responsibility, are an integral part of our disciplinary procedures. Parents are given a copy of the school rules which, having read, they return signed. These rules are also fully explained to students. A student may be suspended for repeated or serious breaches of these rules.


A safe, positive, disciplined environment is fundamental for teaching and learning to flourish.


As the old Irish proverb makes clear, Ní blíonn rath gan smacht or There is no progress without discipline.


The discipline we promote at Duiske College is based on mutual respect, a positive discipline which takes into account the rights of others. The highest standards in terms of respect, manners and work are promoted and expected.




Attendance and Punctuality


For students to make the necessary progress it is important that they arrive punctually and attend on a regular basis. Our disciplinary code has specific elements to monitor attendance and punctuality. It is important for parents to examine their children’s school journal once a week, to ensure that oral and written work, as well as revision of class work, is being done.