Parents / Guardians

Home, School and Community Partnership


The management and staff of Duiske College are governed by the principle of partnership and active co-operation between home, school and community, in promoting the educational interests of students. We are always aware that even though we have a major educational and preparatory role, parents/guardians are the primary educators and our progress will be significantly hindered without their full support.


Parents and guardians are welcome partners in the school enterprise. Duiske College promotes open and transparent communication with parents and guardians on all aspects of school life and acknowledges the very important role that they play in their children’s education. Research shows that a parents and guardians attitude towards education has an important influence on the educational attainment of their children.

 Written reports are sent out to parents and guardians at Christmas and Summer. In addition, and as appropriate during the year, we send out comprehensive progress reports. These measures help to strengthen the home school partnership by keeping parents/guardians fully informed of their children’s progress.


At Duiske College parents and guardians play an important role in relation to:


– Policy Formulation

– Monitoring of the Student Journal

– The Board of Management

– Parent Teacher Meetings


Parent Teacher Meetings are usually held in the second term between the Christmas Exams and the trial Leaving and Junior Certificates. In addition, for parents, we organise lectures on matters that may affect the education and welfare of their children.


Parents are always welcome to visit us to meet the subject Teacher, Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal. Rest assured that we are always delighted to see you because your interest and co-operation is vital.