Duiske College is characterised by a uniquely homely and caring atmosphere where each student is personally known. The small class groups allow for individual attention, more time for the needs of each pupil and a more personal education experience for all.

At Duiske College our teachers are reflective practitioners who are responsive to the needs of the students. In such a learning environment each student receives a high standard of care and his/her educational and personal needs can be closely monitored and catered for. The unique atmosphere of Duiske College affords students the opportunity to achieve academic excellence and to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, creatively and socially.

In our friendly, caring and learner centred atmosphere students come to a deeper awareness of their own particular talents, are given every opportunity to develop these talents and to grow in self confidence.

Duiske College is a vibrant and dynamic community of learning that is:

– Value Driven

– Learner Centred

– People Orientated

At Duiske College we make things happen. We aspire to excellence in every aspect of school life and we are very proud of our school. Duiske College knows what it stands for, it has a clear vision of where it is going and its aim to be held in the highest esteem by our pupils, teachers, partners in education and the wider school community.