Please see below some guidelines for Online Learning for students of Duiske College from our Internet Acceptable Use Policy. Online Teaching & Learning – Rules and expectations for students When learning online, it is important that you realise all the normal school protocols around respect apply. Behave as if you are physically in class. This means: 1. BE PREPARED: – School day is 9 to 4 – do your work within this time to allow for leisure time afterwards. Keep all communications to staff and other students to this time period as well. – Have a suitable workspace – make sure the background in online classes is suitable. – Make sure your laptop/ device is fully charged and you have all necessary materials. – Make sure you have the assigned work / learning / reading complete and submitted on time. – Eat a snack before your online class & have a bottle of water at hand if you normally do (No eating is allowed). – Use your diary to keep track of the work assigned & the work done. 2. BE PUNCTUAL: – Be sitting at your workstation and logged in at the designated time. A student logging in late disrupts the whole class. – Attend all classes. – Respond to all emails sent to you by your teachers. – Complete all assigned work on time. 3. BE RESPECTFUL: of your teacher and fellow students: – Be presentable – dress appropriately (no pjs please!). – Your camera should be switched on during all online classes/meetings. – Be positive & support others in their learning. – Only appropriate comments – written or spoken. – Please & thank-you are always appreciated! 4. BE ENGAGED: – Do your best. – The work and assignments you post must be your own work. – Do not copy work from other students or any other source and pretend that it is your own. – Take part in class tests and assessments honestly, and don’t share the answers with your classmates. 5. BE SECURE: – Duiske College has assigned all students a school email account. – The school email is to be used for school communication only. – The use of personal email accounts is acceptable only in agreed circumstances. Students should not under any circumstances share their email account login details or class codes with any other student.

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