Duiske College is ranked as 4th Most Improved School in Ireland in 2017

Duiske College uses Office365 for teaching and learning. Access Office365 here.
Awards Ceremony 2020

Well done to all students who have received an award!

Irish Heart Foundation Award for Duiske College
Duiske College has been successful in achieving the CPR4Schools Special Recognition Award. The Irish Heart Foundation has congratulated Duiske College on its efforts to train pupils and parents in life saving CPR, this is an amazing accomplishment. Only four other schools in the country have achieved this award. https://irishheart.ie/your-health/cpr/cpr-courses/cpr-4-schools/
There will be a presentation of the award in the coming school year.
Well done to Mr Walsh, Mr Cheasty and Patrick McCormack for their leadership on this initiative.
Please see the links below for Summer 2020 exam timetables.         

Junior Certificate Examination Timetable – http://www.duiskecollege.ie/assets/JC-TT-2020.pdf

  • PLEASE NOTE THAT FRENCH IS NOW 1.5 hours – students are allowed an extra 30 mins to upload files
  • Each exam is scheduled for 2 hours duration.
  • Students are allowed an extra 30 mins for uploading of files. 
  • Each completed exam must be sent to the relevant teacher at the end of each exam.

First Year Summer Exam Timetable – http://www.duiskecollege.ie/assets/1st-Yr-student-TT-2020.pdf

  • Students are allowed an extra 30 mins for uploading of files. 
  • Each completed exam must be sent to the relevant teacher at the end of each exam.

Second Year Examination Timetable – http://www.duiskecollege.ie/assets/2nd-Yr-student-TT-2020.pdf

  • Students are allowed an extra 30 mins for uploading of files. 
  • Each completed exam must be sent to the relevant teacher at the end of each exam.

Fifth Year Examination Timetable – http://www.duiskecollege.ie/assets/5th-Yr-student-TT-2020.pdf

  • Students are allowed an extra 30 mins for uploading of files. 
  • Each completed exam must be sent to the relevant teacher at the end of each exam.




Information and Resources for the Leaving Certificate:

The link to the new Leaving Certificate 2020 webpage: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/d8920c-leaving-cert-2020/#keep-learning

On this page there are links directly to:

Well done to everyone on doing what you can with what you have when engaging with remote teaching and learning. The level of engagement from everyone is much appreciated and will be worth while when we return to normal.
The announcement of €10m euro in funding to support students with IT deficits is welcome.  While we have not been notified of the total amount that Duiske College will receive, please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help in some way.  We will prioritise support for Leaving Certificate students and follow the guidelines, when published, from the DES around the use of the fund.
3rd Years & State Examinations          

The Department of Education and Skills has announced that in September, it will provide a certificate indicating the completion of the Junior Cycle programme of study, including the list of subjects studied. All other certification will be from Duiske College and will be a combination of the exam they will complete in May, previous exam results over their three years in Duiske College and CBA’s completed.
All Duiske College third year students will complete a school junior cycle exam set by teachers starting May 11th.
 – The exam fee for Junior Cycle has been waived.
 – The State Examinations Commission (SEC) will not have any involvement in the Junior Cycle exam and teachers will administer and mark them and the school will report on results.  These results will be recorded on the JCPA but will not be certified by the SEC/DES.


6th Years & State Exams

The minister has confirmed July 29th as the start date for the Leaving Certificate 2020.  He intends to publish a timetable for exams in the first week of June.  
Details of provisions and supports for SEN students should also be available in that first week in June.
We await clarification on the status of projects in subjects such as Art, Geography & DCG.

Ms Keoghan is engaging with 6th years regarding their future plans and Ms Hayes as class tutor is also in contact with our 6th year  students to help in any way we can.

Year End Reporting/Exams
1st/2nd/5th year students will either have an exam the last week in May or will have continuous assessment over the final term and an average grade will be given. Each teacher will inform students of this. 
Take care everyone and stay safe and remember we are still available to assist our school community in any way we can.
Duiske College Management Team


HSE is offering a free Stress Control programme online, starting next Monday 13th April, which young people facing the Leaving Cert and their parents could find very helpful. If you are feeling a bit more stressed than usual and would like to learn some great ways to deal with common problems like anxiety, depression, panicky feelings, poor sleep and poor wellbeing then come along to our free online Stress Control class. The sessions will be led by Dr Jim White, consultant clinical psychologist, who created the class and who has taught most of the HSE trainers who would normally be running classes across the country.


















COVID 19 Corona Virus Information

The Department of Education and Skills has received a letter for all schools from the Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health, Dr Tony Holohan, addressing the recent school closure as a result of the confirmed Covid-19 case.




Subject choice First Years 2019/2020 – please click here for further information

Anxiety Information leaflet for students and parents. Please click Anxiety – Information for Students to view.

Rowing Regatta

Congratulations to all our rowing students who took part in the Carlow Indoor Regatta 2020. Eleven schools took part and we were thrilled to come away with medals in the first year boys, schools open and TY coaches category. Thanks to our 6 TY students for running the programme in conjunction with Rowing Ireland and for being such good mentors to our first year students. Thanks also to Graiguenamanagh Rowing Club for the use of their premises for training. Well done to all involved. Click here to see photo gallery

FREE HSE Workshops 2020 offered to parents/guardians. Courses are as follows:

  • Parenting Tips and Strategies
  • Managing Strong Emotions
  • Ready, Steady, Relax
  • Managing Mood Difficulties
  • Parenting in the Digital Age
  • Sleep Hygiene for Children and Adolescents
  • Understanding and Supporting Young People who Self Harm
  • Supporting Children and Adolescents who have experienced Trauma
  • Supporting Children and Adolescents with Chronic Illness

for details please click here Workshops for Parents

2019 TY students enjoy kayaking on the River Barrow!

Social Media Contract

Further to our ‘Children of the Digital Age’ workshops (March 2019) which highlighted good practice while using social media and were attended by students and parents, please find the following link for a Social Media Contract, as discussed.  Social Media Contract

Duiske College – South Leinster Junior Hurling Champions 2018-19

Duiske College – South Leinster Junior Gaelic Football Champions 2018-19

Duiske College – South Leinster Juvenile Gaelic Football Champions 2017-18

Duiske College – Leinster Camogie League Winners 2018

Duiske College – South Leinster Gaelic Football Champions 2017-18


Visit of Jackie Tyrell (Author) for World Book Day (22/2/2018)

Jackie Tyrell, former Kilkenny hurler, visited Graiguenamanagh Library to talk to the students of Duiske College about his autobiography ‘Warriors Code – the Jackie Tyrell autobiography’.  For more pictures, click here.

Duiske College musicians perform at the event

Our ‘Poet-tree’ is displayed in the library. Poems are displayed on the tree.

Jackie is presented with a customised hurl and wooden plaque Art students created a piece of art, based on a poem ‘Dohery’s Dog’


This is a guide to Cyber Safety for Parents and Guardians.


It outlines the following topics:

  • What is Cyber Bullying?
  • Helpful pointers
  • 9 things parents need to know about Facebook for children
  • 7 things parents need to know about Snapchat
  •  Tinder for teens – what parents need to know
  • What every parent needs to know about Kik
  • Translating Text- Talk: a glossary
  • Helpline Directory


Design Thinking Pilot Programme for Schools

Mr. Walsh and Mr. Foudy are currently running the Design Thinking Pilot Programme for Schools in Duiske College, with 2nd year students.

The Post-Primary Design-thinking pilot programme is an action research study run by designCORE and the Department of Humanities in IT Carlow, it is supported by the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI). The collaboration aims to develop a design thinking pilot programme for post primary schools in Ireland. The research is being carried out by Sandra Reid under the supervision of Carmel

Maher, Colin Deevy and Dr. PJ White, as part of Sandra’s post graduate studies in design research.

In response to the needs of teachers and students, the research takes the form of collaborative co-design workshops with six designers, six teachers and twelve students from four participating second level schools in Co. Carlow.  The research and workshops investigate ways that designers can support teachers
and students to develop creative approaches to problem solving.

The project seeks to address how design-led enquiry, can traverse various curricula within post primary education, so that a programme can be developed to align with various subjects which require creative thinking in the classroom. By crossing the boundaries between subject areas, it is hoped that this approach will assist schools to prepare students to be future innovators. This may help to develop students’ 21st century learning skills such as creative problem


Students from Duiske College created a book, including audio, based on a poem ‘Doherty’s Dog’ which was written by local poet, Pat McDonald in the 1960’s. It was exhibited at the ‘Make-A-Book Exhibition 2018.


Duiske College students visit the W5 Science and Exhibition centre in Belfast. They were joined by students from the Boy’s National School, Graiguenamanagh and students from Scoil Mhuire gan Smál, Graiguenamanagh


Established in 1954, Duiske College offers an excellent second level education for students from the Graiguenamanagh area and its environs.

Our school maintains a quiet, caring atmosphere, which facilitates high quality teaching and learning. In a safe, friendly and positively disciplined environment characterised by mutual respect, each student is afforded the opportunity to reach his or her potential. As a community of learning we believe it is important to challenge young people to do the very best they can and we encourage them to pursue excellence in all aspects of school life. Through our school plan and policy formulation teachers, parents and students contribute their knowledge and ideas to the ongoing development of our school as a place of caring and learning. The active participation of all members of the school community in the life of Duiske College is encouraged and this is currently exemplified by a vibrant Parents’ Association.

At Duiske College we encourage creativity, embrace diversity and promote a caring community spirit in a positive learning environment. Through the provision of a holistic educational experience we aim to enable our students to become well-rounded citizens who excel in their personal and academic lives and who go on to make a difference by contributing to a society in a positive way.

If you wish to learn more about our school please contact us.